Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Alcohol Cutdown Coach Website. Here you will find information relating to the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app. In future we will also be providing some facts, stories and testimonials that we thought might be relevant and interesting to those of you who have downloaded the app or are considering doing so, as well as anybody who is interested in issues related to alcohol consumption and cutting down.

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  1. Nessa

    “Self-control is the key… Be mindful of spending time socially with people who encourage binge drinking and if you can, limit heavier drinking occasions to just once or twice each week. Alcohol tends to be a habit rather than an enjoyable addition to life and for this reason can be managed.” (Susie Burrell, How to Stop Your Weekends Making you Fat, The Age, 24 January 2015)

  2. Summer Fun Lady

    I have abstained from the juice (of the alcoholic variety) for the last 13 days and have lost nearly 3kgs, all off my wine gut too!

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