Reasons you should download the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app. Reason #1

Hi there, beginning today we are going to make a series of posts about why it might be a great idea for you to cut down on your alcohol consumption and increase your Alcohol Free Days.

Of course most of these also double as reasons why you should download the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app and start using it today…. There are a multitude of reasons why this app could help you to change your life, so be sure to stay tuned to these posts!!!

Reason #1 : You are frequently hung over.

Many of us know how it feels like to wake up with a terrible hangover. This awful feeling is often accompanied by confusion about the events of the night before, as well as guilt and remorse. And of course it’s just so difficult to get much else done when you feel weak and debilitated. Did you stay out late on a Friday night and spend all day Saturday feeling sick? That’s HALF YOUR WEEKEND GONE – what a waste!!

Have you ever woken up in this state and said to yourself: “Never again”?! Perhaps you actually followed through on this for a time as well. But for how long did you stick to your promise? If you really want to reduce the amount of time that you are spending hung over (and simultaneously reap all of the other benefits associated with drinking less), it’s important to have a plan, and to stick to it. And of course sticking to it means monitoring your progress as you go. Starting today, why not pick a number of AFDs that you want to achieve and use our app to help you achieve this – spending less time hung over could be one of the many resulting benefits!

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