Reasons you should download the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app. Reason # 3

Reason # 3: You want to reclaim more of your own time.

One complaint that is rarely heard these days is that people have too much time. Although this may be true for a small minority, many of us feel the pressures of everyday life eating away at more and more of our day. Whether you’re working, staying at home with the kids or otherwise, you may find like many others that once the working day is done you just have time to get the kids fed and bathed and in bed, ditto yourself, and barely have any time at all left over. And the little amount of time you do have is spent recovering from an exhausting day. You might also find that as soon as you get home you habitually try to unwind by pouring yourself a beer or a wine. This may help you to relax, but have you found that once you do that it’s so much harder to do everything else? And once you’re on the couch having a drink, how difficult is it to get back up again?

What if you spent a few nights each week breaking out of the habit and spending some time playing with the kids, gardening outside, going for a run – whatever you choose! And while you’re at it why not turn off the tv as well – you’ll be amazed at how much extra time you can find. Not only this, but the spare time you do have will be made more productive because you’re not feeling so sleepy from alcohol – so it’s a double win. And as you increase your exercise and natural relaxation, the process becomes even more effective.

Don’t forget too, without alcohol your sleep can be more refreshing; perhaps you’ll need less of it and be able to get up that little bit earlier, which reclaims even more time.

But don’t take our word for it – download the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app, set a number of days per week that you want to test the theory out and go for it today!

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