Reasons you should download the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app. Reason # 2

Reason # 2: You are spending more money than you would like on alcohol.

Unless you’re growing a beer tree at your house, chances are if you drink alcohol, then that alcohol is costing you money. And because alcohol consumption can become such a habit for some, that money can really add up over time. So now you can see what people mean when they talk about peeing their money up against the wall!! Why not do a little experiement and write down how much you think you drink on average, on the days that you consume alcohol. Then have a think about what that is costing you each time and write that figure down. Now, bear in mind that every time you have an extra AFD (i.e. when you deliberately, and in conjunction with the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app, refrain from drinking any alcohol on a day that you otherwise might have opted to drink), that amount on average is roughly what you could be saving each time!!

When you download the Alcohol Cutdown Coach app, don’t forget to use the customise feature – that will let you input all the information we’ve just mentioned above and the app will help you to keep track of the money you’re saving. And of course if you have a particular goal in mind (i.e. saving enough money to pay for a holiday, or enough to finance a particular gift to yourself), that will give you all the more motivation to stick to your goals. And then you really will have something tangible to show for all your hard work!

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