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Alcohol Cutdown Coach

New app to aid in tracking of “AFDs” released for iPhone and iPad.

A new app released this month for iPhone and iPad assists users to track and increase the regularity of their Alcohol Free Days (AFDs) and to improve their health.

April, 2015 – available now in the App Store, Alcohol Cutdown Coach is designed for people looking to improve their lifestyle, bank balance and calorie intake by introducing or maintaining alcohol free days into their usual routine.  It’s a way to set alcohol free day goals for yourself and track them (with the help of reminders) in a fun and motivating way.

Users select a date range and nominate the number of AFDs that they wish to achieve. They then track their AFDs with daily reminders appearing on their device. Over time the app provides a graphical summary of how the user is performing. Users can also input their own drinking habits, allowing the app to provide further statistics such as calories and money saved.

“Both my husband and myself were looking for a fun challenge to help us become more energised, lose weight and save money”, says co-developer Vanessa. “We’d tried abstaining over certain months, such as ‘Feb Fast’ and ‘Dry July’, which was great, but these didn’t really modify our lifestyle choices long term. Likewise, setting a hard and fast rule such as “no drinking from Monday to Friday” is so rigid it gets difficult to maintain. We wanted a tool to help us to look at our long term habits, then set and track goals to improve them. Plus we wanted the flexibility to pick and choose which days to abstain and when we could have an occasional drink…. This app is the result.”

Alcohol Cutdown Coach is currently available in most countries worldwide for iPhone and iPad. It costs $0.99 in the US and is priced accordingly in other regions. Age restrictions apply. For further information, search for Alcohol Cutdown Coach in the App Store, or visit

Developed by Dell ‘Aquila Road Pty Ltd in Melbourne Australia.



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