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The Alcohol Cutdown Coach app can now be downloaded for iPhone and iPad devices here.

Alternatively, open the app store on your device and search for “Alcohol Cutdown Coach”.

For more information about the app, please see below, or view our preview here.


In Brief:

Save money, lose weight and improve your overall health with this inspirational, yet simple and easy to use app. The Alcohol Cutdown Coach provides a fun visual experience which helps to set, track and reach your desired number of alcohol free days (“AFDs”) over a period of time, as decided by you. All you have to do is enter your targets and the app will help you to meet them. 

If you’ve ever tried to set a hard and fast rule (for example, no alcohol between Mondays and Fridays) you will know that this can be difficult to maintain long term, especially when work or social events come up. For many this can spell the end of their resolution and a return to old habits. Alcohol Cutdown Coach is flexibile whilst providing an emphasis on your goals and helping you to reach them. It also allows you to set goals long term, providing a greater awareness of your drinking habits, and helping you to improve on these for as long as you commit. 


• It’s for those adults who would like to regulate their alcohol intake for a healthier lifestyle
• It gives you visual incentives and encouragement to regulate your alcohol intake
• Very friendly and simple to use
• An investment – for many users just one drink avoided will cover the price of purchase
• View up to date, fully customized estimates on money and calories saved
• No need to confuse yourself trying to track your standard drinks each week
• Use the app as a guide and help yourself to increase your AFDs whatever your motivation, be it to save money, lose weight, improve health, boost your energy levels or change your bad habits forever! 


Simply set the period you wish to track, and the number of AFDs you wish to achieve. Alcohol Cutdown Coach will then allow you the flexibility to choose which days to abstain from alcohol, and which days you wish to allow yourself the occasional drink (where appropriate).

The graphical interface will show your current progress relative to the goals that you have set yourself.
Start today, get motivated and feel the difference!

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